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When eating sushi, it’s customary to dip each morsel into a small dish of soy sauce before popping it into your mouth. True connoisseurs hold that the proper way to do this is to first turn each piece over so that just the fish, and not the rice, comes into contact with the soy.

However, gripping the piece firmly enough to pick it up, yet gently as to not crush the rice, rotating it 180 degrees for the dip, then spinning it back again to eat can be tricky, especially if you’re not used to chopsticks (or if you’re not used to the sake you’ve paired with your sushi). So if you’ve got a cultured palate but lack manual dexterity, this special sushi soy sauce spray is seemingly the solution.

Although soy sauce is one of the most traditional components of Japanese cuisine, Fukuma Soy Sauce isn’t afraid to branch out and innovate. In the past the company has sold soy sauce specially designed to be mixed into yogurt or drizzled on bread, as well as soy for cats and dogs to eat. This time, though, it’s not the soy sauce itself that’s so unusual, but the delivery method.

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In contrast to ordinary soy sauce, Sushi Spray has the darker color of varieties typically served at sushi restaurants. As novel as the product is, Fukuma wasn’t trying to be clever with the name, and Sushi Spray is exactly what it sounds like: a spray bottle that lets you target the exact piece of sushi you’re planning to eat next.

To test it out, we took our tray of store-bought sushi out to the RocketNews24 firing range/office lunch table.

▼ Let’s start with egg, the tasty, bargain basement of sushi items.

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▼ Take a deep breath, become one with the target, and…

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▼ Bull’s-eye!

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Not only did we get a perfectly placed spritz of soy, we were treated to an amazingly rich aroma that left our nose pleased and our stomach growling.

▼ You’re next, squid!

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As a matter of fact, it smelled so good that it almost made our supermarket-procured meal seem like the fare of a high-class Tsukiji sushi establishment. Granted, our coworkers just gave us puzzled looks when we started trying to order drinks from them, but we still got to bask in culinary luxury for a few moments, thanks to our bottle of Sushi Spray.

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