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Earlier this week, we brought you some footage of players’ terrified reactions to Japanese video game developer Hideo Kojima’s upcoming horror title, Silent Hills. We played the short preview for ourselves and it scared the bejeezus out of us, leaving us with high hopes that the finished game would mark a return to the original’s greatness and that we’d be sleeping with the lights on in the not-too-distant future.

But what if we told you that Silent Hills isn’t just about things that go bump in the night? Or, rather, that some of those ‘things’ are aliens? A radio broadcast which can be heard during a particular section of the playable teaser, it has been found, refers not only to what is believed to be Orson Welles’ radio adaptation of The War of the Worlds, but suggests that aliens are already here, watching…

Despite the preview having already been downloaded and played thousands of times, the meaning of this message did not become clear until some days later. The reason? Apart from a mysterious number sequence at the end, the entire message is read in Swedish.

Thankfully, not everyone in the world is as linguaphobic as the average English speaker, and someone was able to translate what the message means. YouTuber SirDaidv Gaming then shared a video, along with English subtitles, revealing the alien tie-ins hidden in the Silent Hills preview.

“They are here, on our Earth. And they oversee and see all,” the radio message tells players, “Don’t trust the news. Don’t trust the police. They are already controlled by them.” Huh. Well that certainly puts a new slant on the genre.

As veteran Silent Hill players will know, this isn’t the first time aliens have been mentioned in the games. Apart from a couple of entries in the series, every episode of Konami’s horror series to date has included multiple endings, one of which is always alien-themed.

But is director Hideo Kojima going heavy on the UFO vibe for this one? And for that matter are aliens – which while creepy are usually somewhat less menacing than pyramid-headed beasts wielding giant blades – really as scary as the original supernatural angle? Time will tell, I suppose.

Source: SirDaidv Gaming via Joystiq
Screenshots via YouTube – SirDaidv Gaming