Weirdness broke out on the afternoon of 16 November in Osaka. Several witness claimed to have seen a woman jump onto the tracks of Izumiotsu Station just as a train was approaching. However, after the train arrived there was no sign of injury and the woman was last seen running away on the platform.

How the woman got on the tracks, survived the train, or escaped is unclear and an investigation is underway. Internet detectives well-versed in manga, however, are assuming that she was summoned by a big black orb in an apartment somewhere.

As the airport express train from Kansai International to Namba Station was about to pass through Izumiotsu Station, the driver at the front saw a woman squatting on the tracks. He quickly activated the emergency brake but it looked like he was too late.

The conductor hopped off when the train came to a stop and jumped onto the tracks to see what happened. But when he got down there, he saw the woman, described as in her fifties, with no signs of injury at all. She simply said, “I jumped” to the conductor and then climbed back onto the platform and ran away.

▼ “The person who jumped seems to have vanished.”

Osaka Prefecture Police arrived on the scene but were unable to determine how the woman avoided getting hurt by the train. Readers of the news online are calling it a real-life Gantz, a manga in which two boys get hit by a train and are summoned back to life by a black sphere to assassinate aliens.

▼ According to the media she was moving so fast that she apparently left contrails.

On the other hand, Nankai, the company that manages the line where the incident occurred, explained that the woman probably lay under the train and when it came to a stop she simply crawled out from underneath and fled.


Police are still investigating the matter though and are referring to the station’s security cameras to try to determine the mystery woman’s whereabouts as she is wanted on suspicion of endangering train traffic.

Until they do figure out what happened, we can still imagine that she is out there fighting aliens in a violent and erotic game of survival.

Source: Iza via Hachima Kiko 1, 2 (Japanese)