The epic tale of Mr. Sato’s new Zozosuit

Join us in a mail order adventure half a year in the making.

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Famous manga author pleads with fans to buy their comics new and at full price

Creator of Gantz sounds off about the difficulties posed by Japan’s used manga market.

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Manga creator explains why live-action adaptations of anime can get away with “whatever” quality

”From the very first stages…no one is thinking about the hardcore fans of the series.”

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Gantz manga gets ‘full 3DCG’ anime film in 2016

Hiroya Oku‘s 37-volume manga already inspired TV anime series, 2 live-action films.

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Hiroya Oku, Keita Iizuka launch Gantz spinoff manga in November

The November issue of Shueisha‘s Miracle Jump magazine is revealing on Tuesday that Hiroya Oku and Keita Iizuka (Blue Gralia) will launch a Gantz spinoff manga temporarily titled G-GANTZ in the magazine’s December issue on November 17.

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Osaka police looking for woman who jumped in front of train, lived, and ran away

Weirdness broke out on the afternoon of 16 November in Osaka. Several witness claimed to have seen a woman jump onto the tracks of Izumiotsu Station just as a train was approaching. However, after the train arrived there was no sign of injury and the woman was last seen running away on the platform.

How the woman got on the tracks, survived the train, or escaped is unclear and an investigation is underway. Internet detectives well-versed in manga, however, are assuming that she was summoned by a big black orb in an apartment somewhere.

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