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With the recent release of Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, people around the world are settling in for long gaming sessions of collecting and trading their favorite Pokémon. Playing the game on the Nintendo 3DS sometimes isn’t enough though, you want to live and breathe it wherever you are. But with Halloween and most of the convention circuit closing down for the year, how else do we cosplay our favorite characters and Pokémon?

Introducing casual cosplay!

The website that has us already planning our next month of outfits is called Polyvore, a gathering place for fashion coordinators and of course, Pokémon fans. Users piece together different articles of clothing and then upload them for everyone else to see. Each piece of clothing or accessory is linked to a site where you can actually buy it. With so many different outfits, it’s really hard to Pika-choose just one!

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Polyvore provides an extremely easy way to see how colors, fabrics and accessories can be pieced together to form an outfit resembling our favorite Pokémon.

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There are tens of thousands of uploads, and it’s certainly not limited to only the original 151 Pokémon, but take a look at some of our favorite designs!

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Even if you’re not a huge Pokemon fan, perhaps you enjoy Avatar: The Last Airbender or Harry Potter! What about characters from your favorite anime?

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You can see the rest of the 151 Pokemon at Naver Matome but also plenty of other options on Polyvore. Make every day a casual cosplay day!

Source: japanCRUSHNaver Matome
Images: Polyvore