If you’re feeling a little blue at the start of another work week and need an adorable pick-me up, perhaps we can interest you in a fuzzy doggy waggling her way through an intense gym session while dressed as a teddy bear? Munchkin the Shih-Tzu has been earning “Aww!”s all over the interwebs with this video uploaded to her personal YouTube page. In it, Munchkin struts her stuff whilst wearing an improvised costume created from a gutted teddy bear. Thanks to some magical camera-angle trickery, Munchkin appears to walk upright with the jaunty swagger of a carefree teddy just workin’ out in the gym. Join us for the video and more on Munchkin after the jump!

Before we show you the video (trust us, it’s worth waiting for!) let’s find out a little about Munchkin. Born on June 30, 2011, Munchkin is an Imperial Shih-Tzu who weighs in at 8 pounds. She resides in Southern California, USA, and her owner created this precious teddy ensemble for her by simply cutting off the face and feet of a stuffed toy and removing its insides. It sounds a little barbaric, but it sure makes a cute doggy outfit for Munchkin!

Here’s Munchkin doing her thing! If you can make it through this video without cracking a smile, we’ll eat our hats, pants AND socks!

▼ Munchkin certainly seems to be enjoying her new-found fame!

Let’s hope her online success spurs Munchkin on to branch out into a variety of YouTube video ideas. We personally can’t wait to see Munchkin bench-pressing while “dressed” as Hello Kitty. Make it happen, Munchkin.

Source: Gameover.com
Images: screenshots via Munchkin the Shih Tzu/YouTubeGameover.com