Despite its questionable ethics, there are plenty of people who just love seeing animals wearing cute costumes in public. Whether it’s tiny, dapper meerkats or Shih-Tzus dressed as teddy bears, there’s seemingly no end to the crazy outfits some pet owners dream up. Blowing recent efforts out of the water, however, is this confident, sassy doggie from China which was caught on video strutting its stuff in public wearing a full “human” outfit and even wearing a fake backpack.

Prepare for another one of those “cute or creepy?” moments that the internet does so well.

The video was uploaded by an amused onlooker who spotted the stylish pup strolling on its hind legs along a street in China. Clad in a fluffy hat, red skirt and oversized sweatshirt, the ensemble was completed with the addition of a daring silver collar and cute blue backpack. Trotting alongside her business-suit clad owner, the seemingly amused canine looked for all the world exactly like an elementary student walking to school with daddy. Albeit a very hairy one.

Perhaps taking Fido for a walk human-style is to some a natural progression along the road towards treating their pets like a member of the family? We already have doggy outfits, doggy boots, doggy diapers and doggy strollers. Is this simply the next step?

What do you think of dogs being encouraged to act like humans? Is it too cute for words, or should we leave dogs free to simply be dogs?

Screenshots via YouTube