It’s December. It’s that time of the year again. Shop windows are decorated with Christmas trees and signs inviting you to spend more money; Candy canes and Santa Clauses and reindeer seem to be popping up everywhere you go. At the airport in Manila, Philippines, the sultry weather doesn’t seem to have the same holiday magic other wintry places do. However, a flash mob brought the Christmas spirit back to surprised passengers at the terminal and warmed our hearts, too.


The dance number put together by Cathay Pacific staff members at the Manila airport began with a beautiful solo rendition of the classic “All I Want for Christmas” before a crowd of around 50 staff filed in for their big show!


The Cathay Pacific staff sure has their swag on even in their uniforms!


Naturally, the performance attracted a large crowd. Flash mobs at airports are definitely a rare sight. It’s even more rare when the performers are all employees of an airline. Publicity stunt or not, the show did bring some Christmas magic to an ordinary day at the Manila airport.


Performing in a flash mob can be nerve-wrecking, so we applaud the staff’s passion in bringing early holiday cheer to these lucky passengers! You can check out the full video below.

Source/Images: YouTube, h/t Curazy