When artist Megumi Igarashi, better known as Rokudenashiko, was arrested for distributing 3-D printer data to make molds of her vagina this summer, we knew it was only a matter of time before the artist ran into trouble with the law again. Though for a while it seemed that the Japanese police had finally found a hobby, it wasn’t enough to keep Rokudenashiko out of jail.

The 42-year-old artist and one other woman were arrested for an “obscene” art display…featured in a sex shop in Bunkyo Ward, Tokyo.

This Wednesday, Rokudenashiko and Minori Watanabe, the owner of the sex store Love Piece Club who publishes works under the pen name Minori Kitahara, were arrested for displaying “obscene” objects in the sex store from October 2013 to July of this year. Rokudenashiko had made 19 pieces, three of which were deemed to be obscene by the police.

According to Rokudenashiko’s lawyers, the artist was arrested after police searched her home, despite her protestations that the works of art were not “obscene.”

▼Minori Watanabe (left) and Rokudenashiko (right)

While Rokudenashiko’s arrest stems partly from her earlier activities producing plans for 3-D printing a mold of her vagina, part of the cause for her arrests were the artist’s plaster vaginal molds that Watanabe had displayed in her store. Oddly, the police don’t seem to have had a problem with any of the realistic dildos (NOT SAFE FOR WORK!) the shop sells.

Obviously, the arrests have caused quite a stir online, with many commenters, including Rokudenashiko’s attorneys, questioning the legitimacy of the actions of the police. A Change.org petition calling for the artist’s release is also available online, and it has already garnered over 5,400 signatures. The petition further states that “As a person of interest she [Rokudenashiko] would never run from the law or destroy evidence, and this incident is just a power play from the police department to try to silence an outspoken critic of the police, nothing more.”

Kazuyuki Minami, one of the artist’s defense attorneys, wrote, “These arrests are unjust. The public prosecutor should not have detained them, and the judge should not have approved the detention.”

▼One of her “Gold Manko” pieces and an adorable kitty.

Takashi Yamaguchi, another one of Rokudenashiko’s defense attorneys, has also tweeted a series of messages about the artist.

It looks like Rokudenashiko will have to spend a few more days in jail at the very least. Hopefully this case can be cleared up and put to rest so the artist can get back to making vaginal canoes as soon as possible.

If you want to help, be sure to sign the Change.org petition. If you live in Japan and would like to contribute to Rokudenashiko’s defense fund, see this tweet [Japanese only] by Yamaguchi.

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Images: Twitter