As much as we love the little balls of purring fluff, cats are just plain weird. Take the two kitties in this video, for example–just what the heck are they doing, spinning around in circles on the floor like that?

Be sure to start your week off right with this daily dose of kitty randomness!

The short clip was published late last month by Japanese YouTuber Nobuyuki Oda. The video description reads “Pon and Kuro’s new technique,” but just what exactly that “new technique” entails is left up to the viewer. Are they dancing? Fighting? Playing a two-cat game of “Duck, Duck, Goose?” Whatever the case, the cat lying on the floor is clearly an unwilling partner to the game:

Perhaps the funniest part of the whole video is the third cat by the heater who doesn’t even bat an eye at the strange behavior. Yep, Cats. Are. Weird.

Source: LabaQ
Images: YouTube (Nobuyuki Oda)