Fashion can be a bit bewildering at times–we’re still not sure if we can wear Lady Gaga’s meat dress after Labor Day or not. So we’re don’t really want to start criticizing anyone’s fashion choices, even if we do have some serious questions. Like the “boob shirt” above that, for some inexplicable reason, went viral last week here in Japan.

Our guess is that Japanese Twitter users were applauding the economic use of fabric. Saving fabric is an essential part of reducing global warming, right?

Japanese Twitter user and artist Myako sent out the tweet below last week, exploding eyeballs and garnering tens of thousands of retweets and favorites. We’re guessing you can figure out why…

“This is the turtleneck they’re selling now!”

If you’re wondering just what the heck was going through the designers’ minds when they came up with this, you’re not alone!

“I really want to ask the manufacturer what their intentions were with this!”

Well, we suppose they were just trying to save on fabric in an effort increase awareness of the importance of conservation. We all need to do our part in protecting the environment after all! However, it looks the shirt might have somewhat limited appeal to potential purchasers.

“I wonder just how many people can pull of wearing this shirt anyway…”
“If you don’t have [big] boobs, you can’t wear it, and if you’re not skinny, you can’t wear it either…this is a tricky one!”

It does kind of look more like something you’d find in Barbie’s wardrobe than on a university campus we suppose. But that didn’t stop Api from trying on one of the shirts herself…

“This is what everyone is talking about. It’s crazy, right?”

We’re not ones for name calling, but the shirt was such a big hit on the Twitter, in fact, that it was enshrined as a “free time cappuccino.”

While it may have been her clothing choice that got all the attention last week, it turns out that Myako is a pretty good artist too! Be sure to check out her Pixiv page for more illustrations.

BS2Pixiv (Myako)

And in case you’re wondering, yes, you too can buy your own boob turtleneck! It would make a great present for Earth Day, we reckon.

COMFILAX [the shirt’s retailer] said they’ll be getting in more of the shirts tomorrow. If you want one, be sure to go down and get one!”

This sounds like a modeling job for Mr. Sato!

Sources: Togech
Images: Twitter