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With the popularity of the Disney film Frozen still going strong, Anna and Elsa are sure to feature heavily among Christmas gifts this year here in Japan. Yes, the Japanese public can’t seem to get enough of the movie, with both the young and old singing “Let it go …” (or “Arino mama no…” in the case of the Japanese version) and endless books and tie-in products appearing on the market one after another.

So it didn’t come as a surprise when we heard that a Japanese jeweler had come up with a collection of Frozen-themed jewelry and ornaments for the Holiday Season. What did catch our attention, though, was that the collection from this particular Jeweler, the GINZA TANAKA, apparently included a huge calendar made of pure platinum which came with a price tag of nearly US$1 million! And when we found out that the calendar was going to be displayed for a limited time at their shop in Ginza, we just had to go see it for ourselves — it’s not everyday that you get to see a million-dollar calendar, after all. Join us as we take a look at Anna and Elsa’s beautiful world recreated not in ice but in precious metals!

We got to the store on a Friday evening, excited about what blindingly brilliant creations would be awaiting us.

▼There was a lovely sign announcing the exhibit of their Frozen “Disney Christmas Collection”. Frozen 1

▼They had devoted the entire the sixth floor to the exhibit, and there was even a large panel decorated with winter trees and fake snow where you could take a picture with the Frozen characters. Kids would absolutely love this for sure! Frozen 2-0

▼And there was the platinum calendar we’d heard about! The magnificent creation is made from 10kg (22lb) of platinum.Frozen 2-1

▼It was beautifully illustrated on one side, with delicate snow flakes drawn using platinum foil decorating the acrylic cover. Frozen 4

▼And here’s the 2015 calendar printed on the reverse side.Frozen 5

▼And yes, it’s priced at a cool 100,000,000 yen (US$823,300)! That’s one valuable calendar!Frozen 6

▼They also had many other beautiful Frozen items on display as part of the exhibit. These are framed artworks done in platinum foil, both sold for 55,000 yen ($452). Frozen 7

▼There were also pieces depicting the characters in silhouettes using platinum. They had three designs on display …Frozen 8

▼… one of Anna (250,000 yen [$2,058]) …
Frozen 9

▼… one of Elsa (also 250,000 yen) …Frozen 10

▼… and one of Anna and Elsa together (150,000 yen [$1,235]).Frozen 11

▼Here’s a lovely silver Christmas tree available for 450,000 yen ($3,705).Frozen 12

▼And these are cute little mirrors that look perfect for carrying around, both priced at 2,500 yen ($20.50).Frozen 13

▼And if you don’t need a 10kg calendar, here’s a more modest-sized 5g (0.18oz) platinum calendar available for 60,000 yen ($494).Frozen 15

▼And of course, they had some lovely accessories to be worn as well, including earrings and necklaces ranging in price from 50,000 yen to 80,000 yen ($412-$658).Frozen 16

Now, as lovely as these items exhibited on the sixth floor were, we were surprised to find out at the store that they had another major attraction on display — a 2.3m (7ft 6in) tall Christmas tree made from 31kg (68lb) of platinum!

▼The tree, displayed near the entrance on the first floor, was absolutely magnificent!Frozen 17

▼And it also came with a price tag befitting its hefty size — a whopping 300 million yen ($2,469,900)!Frozen 18

▼But it definitely was beautiful to look at. It was placed on a rotating stand so that you could see the different illustrations on each side of the tree. Here are some shots we captured as the tree rotated:Frozen 19

Frozen 20

Frozen 21

Frozen 22

Wow, that glittering tower of platinum certainly left us dazzled and even a bit out of breath!

▼We were so impressed by it that we even took a video of the tree as it rotated:

While the platinum calendar is on exhibit at the Ginza shop only until November 7, the rest of the collection, including the amazing tree, will be displayed until December 25. If you’re going to be in Ginza for some Holiday shopping, this may be a delightful stop to make, especially if you’re a fan of Frozen, all things shiny and sparkly, or both!

Reference: GINZA TANAKA website
Photos: RocketNews24