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What do you get when you put a rabbit in a room full of partially deflated balloons? A very happy bunny! Join us after the jump for severe cuteness.

Meet Moko-chan, the balloon-carrying bunny. Moko’s cute antics have netizens gushing and even got the attention of the TV program Ikimononi Thank You!a TBS show about cute and funny animals.

▼ First, Moko just played with the balloons, carrying them here and there.

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▼Occasionally, Moko would climb on top of the balloon.

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▼It probably helps that she’s super cute even without the balloons…

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▼ This first video is a little long, but still filled to the brim with bunny cuteness.

▼One day, Moko-chan was feeling super energized and started racing around the house carrying balloons. The results are just too much to handle.

Netizens are going nuts for this adorable balloon-loving bunny:

“My heart is going hippity-hop!”

“My rabbit does this, but with socks or trash. I wish it carried cute things too…”

“The bunny’s like an angel dancing around Earth.”

“My rabbit is lazy. I’m so surprised to see a rabbit do this!”

“I wish I could be a balloon and the bunny would carry me around in its mouth!”

Personally, I was never much of a bunny person, but these videos may have changed me forever. Oh, Moko, you are just too cute.

Apparently, Moko-chan is also very gentle; after two years of avidly playing with balloons, she has yet to pop one. I’d love to see Moko’s reaction if one ever does burst though! Perhaps we have a new animal celebrity here?

Source: YouTubeHamusoku
Top image/Insert images: YouTube (風船うさぎモコちゃん)