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Dutch children’s book author and artist Dick Bruna has created a number of characters, but his most popular of all is the good-natured rabbit named Miffy. Japan has embraced the character wholeheartedly, and at stores across the country you can find Miffy stuffed animals, stationary, and bento boxes.

And starting next month, you’ll be able to get your hands on Miffy toilet paper as well.

Like Sanrio’s Hello Kitty, Miffy has a blank expression, which easily allows the person looking at her to project whatever emotion they’re feeling onto the bunny. As a matter of fact, Bruna has grumbled that he feels Kitty-chan’s ripped off Miffy’s design, since the Dutch rabbit predates the Japanese cat by nearly 20 years.

Accusations aside, we’re glad Miffy has such a stoic expression in light of her newest job, gracing rolls of toilet paper from Japanese paper products company Marutomi Seishi. The Miffy toilet paper comes in a package featuring Bruna’s distinctively simple line work and bright colors. Each sheet includes tri-color artwork showing Miffy engaging in a variety of activities while surrounded by stars, flowers, and a general aura of cuteness.

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It’s all so adorable you might think your mind’s playing tricks on you when you detect the faint smell of strawberries, but don’t worry, your senses are fine. Marutomi Seishi has added a dash of strawberry fragrance to each roll. It’s a decision we think will please everyone, since there’s very little crossover between people who buy toilet paper with little bunnies on it and people who feel they’re too old-school macho to enjoy a fruity scent.

Miffy toilet paper hits store shelves on May 1, so if you’re a fan, start eating plenty of fiber, now.

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Images: Dick Bruna Japan
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