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I honestly don’t remember the last time I wrapped a Christmas present. Due to a lack of time during the busy period at the end of the year, plus a lack of manual dexterity during…my life in general…I usually just put everyone’s presents into a gift bag.

However, if you want to give someone the gift of satisfaction that can only come from tearing through some festively patterned paper, and you’re got more aptitude for arts and crafts than me (trust me, you do), there’s no need to let your hectic schedule stop you, as this video shows you how to wrap a present in just 12 seconds.

Takashimaya is one of Japan’s most respected department stores. The chain’s selections are stylish, its salespeople knowledgeable and polite, and their wrapping skills second to none.

Let’s take a look at the fold-by-fold in the video, uploaded to YouTube by Todd Tripp, who no doubt was happy to find a way to recover all the time lost writing his name’s two sets of double consonants.

First, you’ll need a large, rectangular sheet of wrapping paper. Place the present on top of it, and fold two corners from the same short side over the top of the box.

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You’ll only need a grand total of two pieces of tape, and now it’s time to attach the first, where the two corners meet on top of the box.

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Fold over the far corner, and flip everything over.

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Fold the end corner onto the box.

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At this point, all you’ve got left to work with is the one remaining corner, so go ahead and fold that onto the box, too.

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Tuck in the point, slap a second (and final–how cool is that?) piece of tape on that sucker, and you’re all done.

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Unless, of course, you’ve still got another dozen presents to wrap. Even still, follow the video’s example, and you’ll be all done in less than two and a half minutes.

Source, images: YouTube