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Even the thriftiest otaku can spare 300 yen for his best girl, right?

If you’re an anime fan, supporting the series or character you love can fill your heart. It can also empty your wallet, though, because all that shiny new anime merchandise doesn’t come cheap. Sure, there are ways you can stretch your budget, but most of them present challenges of their own. For example, some anime retailers offer generously priced bundles of goodies, but only at New Year’s. Buying used is another way to maximize your buying power, but pre-owned otaku-oriented merchandise can come with its own unique (and disgusting) drawbacks.

But take heart, because help is on the way from an unlikely source: discount retailer 3 Coins. The coins referred to are 100-yen coins, because almost all of 3 Coins’ items are priced at just 300 yen (US$2.50).

Most of 3 Coins’ inventory consists of dishware, hand towels, interior knickknacks, and other sorts of practical items. But soon you’ll also be able to find an exclusive line of Love Live! merchandise at 3 Coins, all of it decked out with images of Japan’s phenomenally popular anime idols.

The seven-item line up consists of:

Love Live! memo pads (nine varieties, each 300 yen)…

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▼ …magnets (nine varieties, 300 yen)…

LL 5

▼ …cushion covers (three varieties, 500 yen)…

LL 1

▼ …storage boxes (two varieties, 500 yen)…

LL 3

▼ …“lunch tote bags” (two varieties, 500 yen)…

LL 2

▼ …folding mirrors (three varieties, 300 yen)…

LL 4

▼ …and making tape (nine varieties, 300 yen).

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That’s a surprisingly extensive selection, especially considering that 3 Coins isn’t really in the licensed anime product business. And thanks to the store’s low prices, you can buy all of the merchandise bearing the likeness of your favorite idol and still pay less than you would for even a single Love Live! Blu-ray disc.

The 3 Coins Love Live! collection goes on sale January 18.

Source: Love Live! official website via Jin
Top image: Love Live! official website (edited by RocketNews24)
Insert images: Love Live! official website
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