Remember Xiao Qiong, the Taiwanese anime subway mascot we introduced you to last month? If you thought she was cute, just wait till you check out her new partner in crime who takes the moe madness to dangerous new levels.

We’re proud to present the second mascot character of Taiwan’s Kaohsiung Mass Rapid Transit System (高雄捷運, or KMRT for short). Everyone, say hi to the blonde bombshell Emilia!

This new girl in town is a half-Taiwanese, half-German girl named Emilia who works as a train driver for the KMRT. She wears a tight-fitting uniform with an impressively short mini-skirt, along with long black stockings. Her outfit stands in contrast to that of station attendant Xiao Qiong’s lighter aquamarine clothing. Overall, Emilia gives off the appearance of a well-dressed, sophisticated older sister figure.

The Taiwanese internet understandably went into a frenzy once Emilia was officially revealed. Here some comments of Taiwanese net users:

“I’m not a fan of anime, but I think the moe bug has finally bitten me.”

“Dammit, I’ve fallen in love…”

“She reminds me of Cinderella.”

“Her pigtails are adorable.”

“Pigtails + antenna hair!? Too too cute!”

“Hey everyone up north in Taipei–this is our Kaohsiung!”

In fact, Emilia has already garnered up so much popularity among the general public that rumors of a light novel revolving around the blonde cutie in the near future seem not so far off…

Let’s take a look at some of Emilia’s promotional art, taken from the girls’ official Facebook page:

▼(Just to recap–here’s Xiao Qiong)

▼Introducing Emilia!

▼Some net users were quick to point out the apparent resemblance between Emilia and KanColle‘s Atago, pictured below. What do you think?

▼In the meantime, you can see a more or less life-size cutout of Emilia at Kaisyuan Station on the metro’s Red Line.

As of now, no third subway mascot character has been announced to turn the girls into a trio. But we’ll be sure to let you know the details if that time ever comes!

Original article by Meg Sawai
Sources: KRTC (Chinese), ET Today (Chinese)
Featured image: Facebook (KRTC Girls)
Top image: KRTC
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