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Say what you will about the evils and pitfalls of social media, but if nothing else, it’s at least made it easier than ever for people to enjoy a small taste of fame. Social media like Facebook, Twitter and Vine democratize what becomes popular and what doesn’t, what people want to see and what they don’t.

In this case, the viewers of Vine have spoken: They want to see people playing with action figures in front of their moms.

This Vine video – which, at least briefly, rocketed to the top of not only Japan’s “most looped” but the world’s, too – was submitted by user @yashi09, and depicts him having maybe a bit too much of a good time with one of his action figures. Specifically, the figure is Sephiroth of Final Fantasy VII video game fame, which means @yashio09 gets an easy pass from the RocketNews24 editorial team – who are big FFVII fans almost to the man – but yashio’s mom, who makes a humorous appearance sternly scolding yashio at the end of the video loop, is not so approving.

One of the keys to comedy is presenting a humorous situation we can all relate to, and yashio’s video is no different, pointing out that adults – maybe men especially – really wish they could be kids again, the better to play with toys and shirk responsibility. Also that we’ve all had our moms walk in on us doing something we’d rather people not see, and you could do worse than get caught in the act of playing with toys, if you get our drift.

Source: NetLab