As many of our readers are undoubtedly aware, manga is one of the biggest industries in Japan, and there are literally thousands of manga to be enjoyed out there. But among all those countless comics, there are a select few that have withstood the test of time and have been read and loved over periods spanning decades.  Comic artist Riyoko Ikeda’s classic Rose of Versailles is one such work, the title and characters still widely recognized by the Japanese public more than 40 years after its first serialization in the girl’s comic magazine Margaret. In fact, a new volume of Rose of Versailles containing a selection of omnibus stories was released in August this year, making it the first new comic to come out from the series in four decades!

Now, Ikeda has collaborated with Japanese marriage and wedding information magazine Zexy and created a sweet little side-story that also doubles as a leaflet for couples preparing for their wedding. And what makes it extra delightful for fans of the manga is that it involves Oscar and André, the two main characters, finally getting married! Well, we can almost hear the fans collectively crying out, “It’s about time!

Yes, Rose of Versailles fans are sighing a breath of relief, as they get to see their favorite characters tie the knot, and it’s not surprising if they feel it’s been a long time coming, because this wedding has taken 40 years to happen. Despite confirming their strong feelings for each other near the end of the series, Oscar and André  never actually had the chance to get married in the original story, as they were … well, a tad busy fighting in one of the biggest revolutions in history.

For those of you unfamiliar with the manga, Rose of Versailles is an epic drama of love and political struggle that takes place during the time of the French Revolution. And you could say that being involved in the storming of the Bastille definitely interfered with any plans of marriage Oscar and André may have had.

So, after all that the fictional couple went through in the manga, we have to say we were quite happy to hear that they were getting their wedding, even if only as a kind of fairytale side-story, and we knew we had to take a look ourselves!

▼The wedding story was published as a bonus supplement to this special issue of Zexy magazine. P1120570

▼The magazine compiles huge amounts of information on everything wedding related, and as a result, is an incredibly thick and heavy publication. P1120575

▼The actual story came in this 18-page supplemental booklet titled “The Rose of Versailles Love and Drama-Filled Wedding Preparation Book”.  The cover is beautifully illustrated with an original picture drawn specifically for this booklet.P1120589

Since this is a supplement to Zexy magazine, the book is more like a simple guide to the basic preparations you need to make for a wedding, instead of an actual fully developed manga episode. On the premise that Oscar and André are working on their wedding plans, it takes you through some of the important steps in arranging for the ceremony, complete with comments and tips from readers who have already been through the experience, so that you don’t find yourself not having enough time, or heaven forbid, having entirely missed something important.

▼Yes, all the basics are covered, including choosing a dress and beauty preparations as well. Comments from previous readers offering helpful advice are included, as seen in the lower left-hand side colored in blue. The take-home message from this page: “Make sure to make your salon and spa reservations well in advance!”P1120603

▼They even have a helpful timeline for quick reference on when you should be making what arrangements. Yup, you can’t get started on that guest list early enough.P1120600

▼Of course, we get to see what the happy couple looks like on their big day, enjoying the wedding they never got in the original manga.P1120596

Well, we hope you enjoyed taking a peek at Oscar and André’s wedding (or what it would have looked like if it had happened). For fans, naturally, it’s always a treat for fans to see any new material involving the characters we’ve known for so many years, and this case is no exception. Thank you, Ikeda-sensei, for the sweet year-end present, and may this be happily ever after for Oscar and André!

Photos: RocketNews24