Japan’s “excessively Pikachu” marriage registration form is appropriate amount for Pokémon lovers

An entire pack of Pikachus wants to wish you and your sweetheart all the best as you start married life.

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Japan’s steamy ‘10,000 Kisses’ ad has viewers blushing from cuteness, intense embarrassment【Vid】

Marriage agency Zexy thrills Japanese viewers with a makeout montage both moving and mortifying.

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Super Mario and Princess Peach wedding registration forms make matrimony super in Japan

The first couple of Nintendo grace the legally binding documents.

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Japanese female pro wrestler uses “deadly weapon” to subdue opponent: a thick marriage magazine

Forget chairs or ladders, hit them with what really hurts!

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Oscar and Andre tie the knot? The manga wedding that’s been 40 years in the making

As many of our readers are undoubtedly aware, manga is one of the biggest industries in Japan, and there are literally thousands of manga to be enjoyed out there. But among all those countless comics, there are a select few that have withstood the test of time and have been read and loved over periods spanning decades.  Comic artist Riyoko Ikeda’s classic Rose of Versailles is one such work, the title and characters still widely recognized by the Japanese public more than 40 years after its first serialization in the girl’s comic magazine Margaret. In fact, a new volume of Rose of Versailles containing a selection of omnibus stories was released in August this year, making it the first new comic to come out from the series in four decades!

Now, Ikeda has collaborated with Japanese marriage and wedding information magazine Zexy and created a sweet little side-story that also doubles as a leaflet for couples preparing for their wedding. And what makes it extra delightful for fans of the manga is that it involves Oscar and André, the two main characters, finally getting married! Well, we can almost hear the fans collectively crying out, “It’s about time!

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