French Revolution-era design meets modern fashion in this limited-time clothing line by Felissimo.

While many of the awesome finds we feature from online fashion and accessory retailer Felissimo are of the feline variety, this time the company is back with a line-up of anime and manga-style dresses, drawing inspiration from one of the oldest and most-beloved shojo works of all time, The Rose of Versailles.

Together with the help of series creator and manga artist Riyoko Ikeda, Felissimo has developed a new line of fashionable frocks featuring key elements from a number of the costumes worn by Oscar and Marie Antoinette, under their Sukiyaki fashion label.


These sets, including Felissimo‘s previous line of manga-style dresses and other costumes, are  now on sale and can be ordered here for up to 50 precent off until December 22.

▼ Oscar designs



▼ Marie Antoinette designs



Whether you’re a girly fashion enthusiast or just a die-hard collector, each piece is an adorable way to incorporate a little old-school style or light cosplay into your everyday wardrobe. We bet they’d look even more awesome paired with these Rose of Versaille-themed accessories released earlier this year by Anna Sui.

Source, images: Felissimo
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