Blowing your nose doesn’t have to be boring! Take advantage of the hayfever season and soak up the snot with these cute, shojo-manga-themed tissues.

In Japan, manufacturers never miss a chance to make the mundane into something cute. Whether it’s kitty kitchen knives, cat paw mouses, or magic umbrellas, if it exists, it can be cutesified. For profit! And now, cashing in on the high number of pollen suffers in Japan coupled with a high sense of nostalgic fondness for tween manga, these Rose of Versailles tissues have arrived on the market to mop up that spring snot.

The tissues themselves are fairly standard, but the boxes are worth the price. Each box features a beautiful illustration of one of the characters from Riyoko Ikeda’s much-loved series. Oscar, Andre and Antoinette are all crying gorgeously in the illustrations, almost imploring you to mop up their tears. Or your own, as the case may be.

The tissues are just part of a larger range of Rose of Versailles goods, including these gorgeous preserved roses presented in illustrated packaging. The roses will last without water for several years, which makes them a very popular gift in Japan.

Here’s some of the other merchandise that’s available:

▼ Stationery sets, postcards and letter sets.

▼ Preserved roses, tissues, tumblers, pins and totes


▼ See anything you like?


Most of the goods will become available at chain store Kiddy Land, but from March 31 a special store called PONMOP has opened on the seventh floor of Tokyu Plaza Ginza, and it will introduce new items in the range sequentially. Those who buy more than one item at PONMOP will receive a complimentary Rose of Versailles postcard, as seen below. (Limited to the first 200 customers each day.)

So colourful!

Source and images: PR Times
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