With Japan trying to figure out how to handle its issue of a declining population (predicted to decrease by one-third over the next half century if the current trend in birth rates continues), the country has been working to raise awareness of the problem and implement more resources for children and parents.

However, with a recent increase of new day cares, preschools, and kindergartens, there has also been an increase of complaints about noise, particularly from elderly residents.

Some of these cases have even gone to court, and have resulted in some schools having to restrict outdoor playtime for the children and keep their curtains closed.

▼Fresh air and exercise? Not for you!


Below are how some Japanese net users have responded to this news:

“I wouldn’t like it if kids were quiet.”

“Brats are noisy, so I understand the feeling. But I also think those old people who file complaints about it should die.”

“Honestly, kids are noisy, but it’s not fair to tell them to keep quiet. Just something you have to deal with.”

“Well, duh! Were you guys quiet as kids?! Kids are naturally noisy. That’s how they’re supposed to be.”

On December 22, plans were put forth to revise Tokyo’s Ordinance to Improve the Urban Environment, and reduce noise from pre-elementary school children as one of its target regulations. Efforts are also being made to get day care and school facilities talking with the surrounding residents to determine whether to restrict certain types of noise (such as instruments), or if other sound-proofing measures need to be taken.

Hopefully improving relationships between schools and neighborhood residents will ease tensions and help those bothered by the sound of kids at play to see that having lively, happy children in the area is a good thing.

Source: Hachima Kikou, 47NEWS
Images: YouTube, elephant