Wherever there are classrooms, you are sure to find class clowns. From making fart noises to intentionally giving absurd answers, these resident jokers are often the best (and worst) distraction for a hard-working teacher. But we doubt many of them have taken their hijinks to the heights of this Japanese student!

The tweet below has blown up online today and for good reason: These photos of a student apparently floating in mid-air are hard to ignore! There’s also a good chance that this kid will remind you of someone you knew growing up—maybe even yourself!

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“Wow! I get this. There’s one in every class, right? Someone just floating. [‘Floating,’ in this case, means ‘doesn’t fit in.’]”

Looking at the rest of the photos, we’re getting the feeling that this kid might have a future in the entertainment industry.

▼ “Quiet, guys! I’m trying to read!”

flyingdesk (1)

flyingdesk (3)

▼ “What? Pop quiz?!”


▼ He’s even answering a question. You have to respect an assertive student!


These photos raise plenty of questions, but these two comments sum them up nicely. “How the hell does he get down?” and “Actually, how the hell did he get up there in the first place?!” Or, as another commenter wrote, “What a fool! (I say this in the best way sense of the word possible.)”

We can only guess that he’s been putting the knowledge he gained through physics class to work! Either that or Spider-Man has a son he’s never told Mary Jane about…

Sources: HamusokuTwitter/@tokiya_sin
Top image: Twitter/@tokiya_sin