In the world of fiction, some characters have detailed, complex families and backgrounds made known to us, while others have rather vague and obscure origins, which isn’t totally a bad thing because that gives viewers plenty of room to imagine and fantasize.

Ever imagined Superman as a dad? Or, what if, after being rescued for the gazillionth time, Princess Peach actually marries Mario? Check out these beautiful families of various fictional heroes and heroines after the jump!

French designer and self-proclaimed geek-artist Andry “Shango” Rajoelina pictures the characters from various popular video games, comics and movies, with families in their own universe, and gives us a glimpse of the family settings he has in mind through his heart-warming illustrations. Get ready for the feels!

I’m not even that big a fan of video games, but little Ryu and Ken and their absolutely adorable backpacks just melted a piece of my heart. Did the Super Families get to you? Check out Andry’s Facebook page to see the complete Super Families series and his other gorgeous geek art! Prints of the Super Families series is also available for purchase at Geek Art Store.

Source/Images: Facebook via Game Over