Novelty goods manufacturer Bibi Lab has been outdoing itself lately. They’ve given us everything from pillows shaped like anime pigtails, mosquito net jumpsuits and even sailor-style schoolgirl uniforms for men.

Now they’ve redesigned the concept of the huggy pillow, giving it a feminine shape and calling it the “Japanese Cotton Wife”. Available in two sizes, the manufacturers have worked particularly hard on perfecting the lady’s nude bodysuit, saying they’ve done an excellent job of making it look like it contains human muscle and subcutaneous fat. Because that’s not creepy at all…

Bibi Lab has a wealth of experience when it comes to designing body-shaped pillow-pals. Since introducing the strangely auburn-coloured cotton wife and cotton husband last year, they’ve been working hard to improve the concept, and the Cotton Husband has now been bumped for a larger female model instead.

▼ Both available from Amazon Japan, the 4-foot, 59-inch model on the left retails for 26,731 yen (US$221,38) while the taller, 5-foot, 18-inch version on the right retails for 27,770 yen.


▼ The taller version also has a bigger, C-cup bust, compared to the shorter model, who’s an A-Cup.


The manufacturers gathered a number of craftsmen from the bedding and sewing industries to bring the Cotton Wife to life in all her shapely glory. After testing dozens of samples and making a number of adjustments to their colours and silhouettes, they now proudly proclaim they’ve built a body worthy of being your cotton wife!



▼Just imagine all the fun you could have with a cotton companion.


▼ There’ll be no more lonely coffee breaks…


▼ You’ll be the cleverest guy in the room…


▼ And there’ll be someone waiting for you to get home every day. Just don’t expect her to do the housework.


▼ Plus, during those romantic kabe-don moments and ago-kui, she won’t be able to look away. Because, after all, she doesn’t have eyes.


▼ For husbands who want to show their wives the world, the options are endless, as long as you don’t mind carrying her.


▼And don’t forget about the carpool lane advantages! Hey! Hands at ten and two please, mister!


What the cotton wife lacks in facial features and fingers and toes, she makes up for in shape, with a body that makes her smooth, springy and firm in all the right places.


The washable cover is made from skin-coloured spandex which, when combined with the cushion layer and cotton core, is said to make it feel like you’re hugging a real human body with muscles and subcutaneous fat.


▼ Plus, the lady has a bone! Or at least a cloth tube stuffed with cotton, which sits at her neck to keep her head in place.


Your mail-order bride will arrive in nothing but her birthday suit, so you’ll have to be prepared to do some shopping to give her some character.



How stylish you want your pillowy companion to be is entirely up to you!


To find out more about the Cotton Wife, check out the short video below.

Source and Images: Bibi Lab