With US$108,000 gone, his wife is now wondering if she should file for divorce.

Japanese mobile game players are known to spend more money on in-game currency than their North American or Chinese counterparts. That’s not really surprising, given that a lot of Japanese mobile games rely heavily on a “gacha” system, where in-game purchases don’t necessarily yield a rare character or powerful weapon every time. They are games of chance, making even the most frugal of players reach for their hard-earned cash.

Recently, a distraught wife in Japan sought opinion from netizens regarding her plight. Her sister and mother passed away three years ago, and the wife received a life insurance lump sum payout of eight million yen (US$71,900). Wishing to leave some money for her children, she deposited the money in her bank. The husband and wife had already saved up four million yen, making a total of 12 million yen (US$108,000). To the wife, this was a keepsake left by her mother, and her husband knew about it too.

When the wife checked on the account balance two and a half years later, there was nothing left. After consulting with her husband, the truth came to light. During a time when she was still grieving the loss of her sister and mother, her husband had been spending about 400,000 yen (US$3,600) per month on mobile games, pretending as if nothing was happening. To top it all off, her husband had not even apologized at all! It takes two hands to clap, so to speak, and she also lamented that she hardly knew about her husband’s interest in mobile games.

Netizens were quick to give their opinions, with the majority agreeing she should file for divorce. There were also some who thought the husband should cough up the dough, and one even advised her to consult with a lawyer since it amounted to theft.

Although it’s highly unlikely the money can be recovered, we hope the husband has the sense to kneel and apologize at least.

Source: Yomiuri Online via My Games News Flash
Featured image: Pakutaso