Ice crime!

Needless to say, this summer is quickly turning out to be the worst one ever. With temperatures and humidity skyrocketing all over the place, it’s getting harder and harder to find relief. It’s enough to make people do rash things, especially when tempted by the great taste of ice cream.

On the morning of 16 July, a truck was delivering a shipment of frozen snacks to the Genky Food & Drug in Ama City, Aichi Prefecture. As the orders were being loaded into the store, a clerk spotted a woman in the process of stealing five ice-cold items from the truck.

When the 21-year-old clerk approached her, she became violent and bit his hand in the struggle. The clerk suffered lacerations on the fingers of his left hand but was otherwise unharmed and restrained the woman on the spot. She was handed over to police who arrested her for the attempted theft and assault.

While in custody, the 56-year-old woman admitted to the crimes, telling police that she wanted to eat ice cream because it was hot that day. While everyone could sympathize with her motive on some level, readers of the news agreed in online comments that it’s still no excuse to resort to criminal deeds.

“It’s hot enough that I’ve certainly thought about it. But it’s a big leap from thinking about it to doing it.”
“I wonder if they serve ice cream in prison.”
“If it’s so hot, what is she doing outside?”
“We’re turning into a Fist of the North Star society.”
“Did she want to eat the clerk too?”
“At least she’s honest about her motive.”
“With a bite like that, she’ll have no problem with Azuki Bars.”
“She’s an ice cream zombie.”

I never thought about it, but that last comment raises an important concern. If this woman is in fact one of these “ice cream zombies” I’ve been hearing so much about for the past minute, hopefully that clerk is under close observation. Should he develop a sudden craving for ice cream, it’s very likely that he too has been infected with the ice cream zombie virus.

You should also be on the lookout for anyone, including yourself, exhibiting an increased desire to eat ice cream and an immunity to brain freeze. All suspected ice cream zombies must be quarantined in a room fully stocked with frozen snacks, preferably the very reasonably priced Garigari-kun, until the virus runs its course, sometime in late October.

Stay safe out there!

Source: Tokai TV, Itai News
Top image: © SoraNews24
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