As with the beginning of any new year, there comes the chore of getting a new calendar for your wall or fridge. Sure one usually arrives in the mail from your friendly neighborhood real estate agency, or you could always shell out for the motif of your choosing from a local calendar boutique.

But the really lucky years are when the perfect calendar just falls right into your lap, as it did with our Japanese writer Ponkotsu the other day. From an associate in Shanghai, he received something in the mail with the words Chinese Dream printed on its front; a calendar that he knew in an instant would become the one of his own dreams too.

The calendar came with a note attached that read “Please hang this in your room and have nightmares.” Ponkotsu did just that, but first had a quick flip through the months to see what the “Chinese Dream” was all about.

We often hear talk of the “American Dream” but it’s always this vague notion that no one can really define. The Chinese Dream however seems as clear and focused as a laser after looking through its representative calendar. Let’s take a look!

January/February [Science & Technology Innovation]

March/April [Social Harmony]

May/June [National Prosperity]

July/August [Ethnic Unity]

September/October [Space Exploration]

November/December [Soaring Economy]

So I think it’s plain for all to see that the Chinese Dream consists of President Xi Jinping and his wife smiling and waving at us all year round. It’s like that warm feeling when a random baby on the street looks at you and smiles but better because it’s the President of China and his wife.

There appears to be an inception going on in the Chinese Dream as well. Look at the Shanghai skyline in National Prosperity. Then check out Ethinic Unity just behind Ms. Peng where you can see the world begin to fold in on itself. Finally, in Soaring Economy – Bam! – Shanghai gets completely flipped over.

All in all this is a great calendar, and if you can’t wait for your RocketNews24 calendar this should fill that void in your life until then.

Original article by Ponkotsu
Photos: RocketNews24