Dragon Ball creator Akira Toriyama and Japanese rock band Maximum the Hormone have each creatively inspired the other, and now they have come together for the latest Dragon Ball Z movie, which will feature the band’s intense and explicit track “F” as the main battle song.

Maximum the Hormone released their single “F” in July 2008 and it went down a treat with the band’s fans. The band is no stranger to anime, having had their songs feature in hugely popular series such as Death Note, and singer/guitarist/songwriter Ryo (also known as Maximum the Ryo) has said that “F” was born from reading the Dragon Ball manga and is about the villainous character Frieza. 

Things have now come full circle, as Dragon Ball creator Akira Toriyama was then inspired by the song to come up with the new movie storyline. He said “This time Frieza returns! The F is for Frieza. The idea hit me when I was wondering what to do for the story of the next movie and I listened to the song “F” by Maximum the Hormone, who I’d met through a friend. It’s a dirty, cool song that talks about Frieza. Of course the movie’s not just about his resurrection, there’ll also be fierce battles to look forward to!”

The song clearly had a big impact on Toriyama, so expect it to feature heavily in the movie’s fight scenes. It’s an intense song with some lyrics that probably aren’t suitable for children, as you can see below. However, with the screaming delivery it’s pretty hard to hear what’s actually being said, so maybe they can get away with it. We’ll just have to wait and see if there are any complaints from parents when Dragonball Z: Resurrection of F opens on April 18.

Searching for eternal life, he came to Namek
Declaring war, bathing the populace in blood
Occupation, domination, black clouds cover the land
“You will die…”
Unresisting, the people run and hide
Even those who bow to him are burnt to cinders
Genocide, armed oppression
The dictator laughs as he tramples them


Raditz and Nappa were downsized
Cui died instantly
Dodoria, fierce and violent
Zarbon with the long hair
His upper arms are pink pink pink
His head is sick sick sick
He has a floating vehicle
And a power level of 530,000


Unsolved history
No order, nation hunting
Justice, seven balls
Give me romance!
Blown to smithereens
Lure out the insects
The scouter goes haywire and crashes
Now…I’ll show you…my true form…


Divine transformation
It’s too late for regrets
The earth shakes
Wounds ache
The air undulates
That quake is the dark side
Freeza, Freeza, Freeza, Freeza
A surge, a hole, a galaxy
Negligence, a trap, parasites
Freeza, Freeza, Freeza, Freeza
We are the ones who cry out in fear

…And that’s just a sample of the crazy lyrics! You can read the rest of the translation here.

Source: Natalie Music
Images: BarksDragonball Z: Resurrection of F Official Site
Lyrics: Dragon Ball Wikia