Wassup young people, I’m speaking your language today to tell you about to totally tubular deal from JR Kyushu! They’re offering some super-rad discounts of up to 40% off on train fares around the island of Kyushu for a seriously limited time.

It’s called the Gachi Ticket, where “gachi” is a new word the kids in Japan are using that’s hard to translate to English but somewhere along the lines of “for realz!” and “aww psssht it’s on!”

If all this terminology is throwing you, sorry grandma and grandpa, this offer ain’t for you! It’s for us dudes and dudettes between 18 and 24 years old. Can I get a “cowabunga?” These fares are for all soul trains running around the island of Kyushu including Shinkansen and JR Express. I ain’t jive-talking neither, turkey.

▼ Instructions

For example, if you want to go from Hakata to Kumamoto by Shinkansen you’d normally have to pay 4,610 yen (39 US samoleans), but with a “gachi” ticket any bohemian, beatnik, or hippy can ride for only 2,570 yen (22 US clams). That’s a 40% discount, daddy-o!

Now, before you run a 23-skidoo on this offer hold yer horses ’cause the sale has been put on hiatus from 9 January, but it will resume on the 28th. That’s the earliest sale date though because tickets can be bought up to a month in advance. The earliest boxcar you can actually get on will depart on 28 February until 5 April using these discounts.

That should be enough time for any box-socials or sock-hops you wanna attend, but again make sure you’re between 18 and 24 and purchase your ticket at least three days in advance. Or else, you’ll have to cheese it when some junior G-men catch on to your grift.

Source: JR Kyushu via Niconico News (Japanese)
Images: JR Kyushu (translated by RocketNews24)