Multi-day journeys are both an elegant and an expensive way to see the wonders of Kyushu.

Japan’s trains are pretty much all punctual and reliable. Some of them, though, boast an incredible amount of luxury too, and the latest way to travel in style can be found on the country’s southwest island of Kyushu.

The renovated Nanatsuboshi, also called the Cruise Train Seven Stars, will be running along a trio of sightseeing routes in Kyushu starting in the fall. With reservations opening soon, rail operator JR Kyushu has shared a collection of photos and concept art of what’s waiting for passengers onboard, with the most impressive shot showing the interior of one of the train’s suite rooms.

Having space to stretch out and sleep is important because the Seven Stars’ routes are all multi-day journeys of one to three nights. When onboard but not sleeping, passengers/guests can also spend time in the salon car, which will host events and activities…

…the tea room, serving expertly selected Kyushu-grown teas…

…the bar lounge, if they’re craving stronger beverages…

…or the gallery shop, offering art pieces and fashion items from Kyushu craftspeople.

There’s also a dining car, serving meals made with seasonal Kyushu-sourced ingredients.

As for where the Seven Stars will be taking its passengers, from October to December the train will offer a four-day, three-night Kirishima Course, starting in Hakata (Fukuoka), then heading east to Oita, south to Hayato (where the second night will be spent in a ryokan inn), then coming back up north to Saiki before returning to Hakata. Along the way, passengers will be able to leave the train for excursions to enjoy the areas’ natural beauty and famed pottery.

▼ Preview video for the Seven Stars

For January to March, the Kirishima Course will be replaced by a four-day, three-night Unzen Course, which also both starts and ends in Hakata. This course is more concentrated on the northern half of Kyushu, with its second-night ryokan stay taking place in the mountainous hot spring town of Unzen, Nagasaki Prefecture, with visits to the temples Hodaiji and Taishoji also on the itinerary.

▼ Kirishima Course (left) and Unzen Course (right)

Finally, for those looking for a shorter getaway, a two-day, one-night package, the Kyushu-shuyu Course, takes you around most of the island’s coastline, with the journey timed so that you can see the sun set into the ocean as you make your way south from Hakata on the first day.

This level of luxury, obviously, carries a commensurate price. Rates vary by exact room type, but range from 1.25-million to 1.7-million yen (US$10,800 to US$13,710) per person for the Kirishima Course, and with a two-guests-reservations-per-room requirement, that brings the total cost for you and your travel companion up to between 2.5 and 3.4 million yen for the trip. The Unzen Course is slightly less expensive, at 1.15 to 1.6 million yen per person, and the Kyushu-shuyu Course manages to stay within six digits per person with prices between 650,000 and 900,000 yen.

Never the less, with the train only having 10 guestrooms, it’s likely that they’ll fill up well ahead of time, and reservation applications open April 15 through the Seven Stars website here.

Source: JR Kyushu, PR Times via IT Media
Top image: YouTube/ななつ星クルーズトレイン
Insert images: PR Times, JR Kyushu
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