Naoko Tachibana is a photographer and professional ‘josou’ specialist who has helped over 1,000 men to try out crossdressing, giving styling and fashion advice as well as shooting stunning photos of the completed transformation. And josou itself – male to female crossdressing – is the theme of a new solo exhibition of Tachibana’s photographic work, which opens at the Vanilla Gallery in Ginza, Tokyo this month.

Join us after the jump for a peek at the promotional shots for the exhibition, featuring Ladybeard and more!

The retrospective exhibition will feature Tachibana’s work from her very first ventures into photography six years ago, tracing her changing perspective on identity and beauty, as she asks questions such as: “What is josou? What is gender?…What is the shape of happiness?”

And in a special gallery talk on Sunday, January 31, Tachibana will be joined by some of the famous faces whose pictures feature in the exhibition – namely, Aoi Kamo of idol group Hajirai Rescue, and all-time RocketNews24 hero Ladybeard.

▼ Aoi Kamo, aka Ao-nyan.


▼ It may not be quite in the same vein, but this iconic photo of bearded crossdresser Ladybeard will also be on show.


In continuing her work documenting the lives of crossdressing men, Tachibana says she aims to help people escape from fixed notions of gender roles, and hopes that with increased awareness, more people can find happiness and freedom. Sounds good to us!

The gallery talk is 2,000 yen (including one drink), but the exhibition itself is only 500 yen. If you’re in Tokyo at the end of this month, make sure to check it out!




Exhibition information
Progression and happiness theory of Josou (Japanese title: 女装の軌跡と幸福論 Josou no kiseki to koufuku ron)
Address: Vanilla Gallery, Tosei Bldg. B2F, Ginza 8-10-7, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0061
Open: January 26 – February 7, 2015
Mon-Thu 12-7pm, Fri 12-8pm, Sat and holidays 12-5pm; closed Sunday
Admission: 500 yen

Sources: NetLab, Naoko Tachibana Photography
All images: Naoko Tachibana via NetLab