Back in June 2013, RocketNews24 ran an article about the threats of attack on Fukuoka’s Hakata Station. The perpetrator was subsequently caught and sent to a juvenile detention center, but now less than two years later, he’s back to making YouTube videos of himself stealing from stores and destroying merchandise.

His latest “prank” video shows him sticking a toothpick inside some unsuspecting customer’s snack and is currently under investigation by Tokyo police.

On January 11, YouTube user narukami 793 posted a video of himself going into a supermarket in Chōfu, Tokyo and inserting a toothpick inside a random package of Jagariko potato sticks on the shelf. He then left it that way for someone to purchase and potentially choke on, or at least discover that their tub of chips had gone stale after being exposed to their air seeping in through the hole.

As much as it pains us to give a petty vandal additional attention, here’s the full video, which was reported to the Tokyo police on January 12 and is being used in their investigation:

As you can probably tell from the video, this prank was not intended to be funny or made to rack up views. It’s just the work of a young man with a warped view of how to have fun. He has apparently been uploading videos to his YouTube account for over a month now, mostly of him stealing things and opening food items then putting them back on the shelf, as well as filming trains and taking footage of police officers.

After learning that he was reported to the police and is being investigated, narukami 793 created a video saying does not regret his actions, as well as recordings in which he states that he has decided to become a fugitive and run away from the police with his 74,000 yen (US$630) in welfare savings, yet stating that he has no idea where to run away to. It should only be a matter of time before he gets caught, however, as he also uploaded a video in which he returns to the scene of the crime at night, detailing every step of how he did what he did.

The man behind the camera comes across as a genuinely disturbed individual, openly stating that he was the person behind the threats to attack commuters at Hakata Station in 2013. Before he was arrested for that, he’d spent a year and three months inside a juvenile detention center, and afterward spent more time in another juvenile facility following his arrest. Since that was less than two years ago, it is entirely possible that he is still a minor, living on his own. Sadly, we very much doubt that this is the last we’ve heard of this young man.

Source: Hamusoku
Featured/top image: YouTube