The last we heard from local hero and generally awesome person Ladybeard, he was promoting English classes from a language school in conjunction with the always pleasant and surprisingly proficient-English-speaker Sailor Suit Old Man. Since then, it seems Ladybeard has seriously upped his fashion game, currently sporting the much-talked about boob window shirt that has taken Japanese social media by storm.

The boob window shirt gained traction in Japan after various Twitter-users poked fun at it, pointing out how utterly illogical and impractical a window for your boobs is during the cold Japanese winter months, so it appears Ladybeard has taken the shirt to its impractical and illogical conclusion by sporting the top as a vehicle for showing off his amazingly hairy man-breasts.


Of course, this being Ladybeard, his man-breasts are composed entirely of muscle and positive feelings, so we are all better for gazing upon them – unlike actual, real woman-bewbs, which just give us weird feeling in our tummies that we can’t explain.

If we may take a moment to brag, we’re a little proud of Ladybeard’s almost meteoric rise to Japanese stardom – since, of course, we were one of the first English-language outlets to follow his awesome cross-dressing antics. We’d say we almost feel like an older brother to Ladybeard, but in that case, we would have to murder any man that so much as glanced as his ample bosoms.

Source: Otakuma
Photos: @ladybeard_japan