Kiyomizu Temple is a UNESCO World Heritage site located in Higashiyama, Kyoto. Kiyomizu, which means “pure water,” takes its name from the waterfall which runs off the nearby hillside. However, it is perhaps most famous for its grand viewing veranda, a sort of stage on tall pillars that juts out of the hillside and commands beautiful views of the surrounding area. But a single visit to Kiyomizu doesn’t do it justice – you need to see it against a backdrop of cherry blossoms in springtime, bright red leaves in the autumn, and of course there’s the yearly illuminations! Luckily for those of us who don’t live in Kyoto, Kiyomizu Temple has set up its own dedicated Instagram account, and the photos that they’ve been uploading are completely breathtaking!

Kiyomizu isn’t just gorgeous to behold, it’s also packed with quite a lot of fun stuff to do. Back in the old days, people used to fling themselves off the stage for fun, believing that whoever survived the fall would be granted their one true wish. Apparently the survival rate was an optimistic 85.4%. They won’t let you leap off the stage anymore, but there’s a ton of other great experiences you can have at Kiyomizu. As well as drinking the water from one of the three waterfall streams, (depending on which you want most – academic success, love or a long life), you can also draw your omikuji (fortune), write and hang your own ema (votive tablet) or simply marvel at the fact that the main hall and massive stage uses not one single nail in its construction. (I know!) There’s also a special pair of “love stones” which you can attempt to walk between with your eyes closed – legend has it that those who can complete the task successfully will find true love.

So as you can see, it’s no wonder that Kiyomizu is such a treasure. Their Instagram account, feel_kiyomizudera, has already gained over 58,000 followers since it was created in September of last year, and with pictures this gorgeous, we can see why! Check them out!

These photos are definitely going to do the trick in tiding us over until our next trip to Kyoto! And, since the account has only just been started, we’ve still got all those spring cherry blossom pictures to look forward to! Bliss!

Source: Naver Matome
Main Image: feel_kiyomizudera