hold me closer tiny hamster

Needing some cuteness in your day? Well do we have just the thing for you! Meet hamsters Enoki and Bunapi from Singapore as they invite you into their home and go about their day, chilling in front of the TV, eating apple pies, taking a bath… you know, just normal hamster things.

YouTuber Jaieden Ace Shen has only just recently started uploading videos of his little pampered pets, but it’s no surprise that they’ve already started raking in the views. I mean, what’s not to love about watching little fluffy Enoki get tucked into her wee hamster-sized bed and drift off to hamster dreamland as she’s gently stroked to sleep?

▼The captions add personality and up the cuteness factor.

hammy sleep

These two are definitely living the life. Their pint-sized home has everything – bitty beds and bathtub, a tiny toilet, and a quaint little couch for lounging around in while snacking. Everything a hamster could ever need.

▼Hygiene is important, even for hamsters!

hammy bath

▼Turning in after another rough day.

hammy sleep

Here are the videos, so you can enjoy them in all of their adorable glory.

▼Little Enoki insists on being petted until she’s fast asleep.

Still haven’t gotten enough apple pie-munching? Here’s more of Bunapi crunching away, little feet sticking out, before he drifts off into a food-coma in his human’s pocket.

Haven’t quite gotten your fill of little hamsters in little homes? You can revisit this little guy’s awesome handcrafted ninja house that we’re all pretty jealous of.

Source/images/video: YouTube (Jaiden Ace Shen)