The unusual memo pad has become so popular it’s caused the maker’s online store to shut down.

Japan knows how to do stationery. From dissolving documents to cherry blossom pencils, you can make all sorts of amazing discoveries here, and people are always on the lookout for the next new thing to knock their socks off and blow everyone’s minds.

That next new thing appears to be the Omoshiroi Block, a memo pad that reveals a hidden shape as you use it. The unusual design is so stunning that everyone’s been trying to get their hands on one, so much so that the maker, Triad, has completely run out of all their stock and their online store is currently down.

▼ The memo pad that everyone wants reveals Kyoto’s famous Kiyomizu-dera as you use it.

Since stationery fan @jyakkan4679 posted the above photos of the pad being used, it’s received over 240,000 likes and more than 120,000 retweets, and is probably part of the reason why the pad is now sold out. 

The Kiyomizu-dera design comes in four different colours, which show the temple during different seasons of the year, with sakura cherry blossoms, bamboo, iris, and autumn leaves.

The Omoshiroi Block encourages you to use it as much as possible, with the promise of a big reveal once all the pages have been torn away.

▼ Scroll through the images below to see how it works.

While the torn pieces may look jagged, they’re actually a well thought-out design feature as well, as they become beautifully shaped message cards.

Though their Kyoto Omoshiroi Block is what’s brought them so much attention, Triad also offers a variety of other memo pads too.

▼ There’s a violin…

▼ A steam locomotive…

▼ And a camera, to name a few.

▼ There’s no end to this company’s amazing papercraft skills!

Two days ago the company made an announcement to let customers know that their Osaka store had run out of stock.

This was quickly followed by another announcement, this time to say that all items were out of stock, and their online store was being updated.

Tokyu Hands in Umeda, Osaka, which sold the Omoshiroi Block memo pads when they were released, have also run out of stock.

With their online store currently down, there’s nothing to do but wait for the company to restock and re-release their hugely popular products, so to be first in line when the items are available again, be sure to follow them on Instagram.

Here’s hoping they’re back in stock before the time it takes for this herb-sprouting pencil to bloom.

Source: Japaaan
Featured image: Twitter/@jyakkan4679