Lindt top 2

We may be in the middle of a cold winter in Japan, with Tokyo even seeing some light snow last Friday, but things are definitely starting to look bright and spring-like at Lindt stores here! Yes, early spring for us is the time for cherry blossoms, or sakura, and while spring hasn’t quite yet arrived, international chocolate maker Lindt has announced two new sakura-themed items to be sold at their cafes here in Japan. And as you might well expect,  the sakura treats look pink, sweet and utterly gorgeous!

The first of the special sakura items that Lindt Japan will be serving up this spring is the “Lindt White Chocolate Sakura Iced Drink“:


This pale pink creation is a white chocolate drink that contains syrup-soaked amarena cherry and pureed griotte cherry with just a touch of salt, topped with shaved white chocolate. The sweet white chocolate should combine well with the nutty flavor of amarena cherry and the slightly sour taste of the griotte cherry. The Lindt cafes in Ginza and Jiyugaoka will be serving the drink as an eat-in item in an elegant glass for 1,388 yen (US$11.81), with a beautiful sakura petal, also soaked in syrup, added on top for decoration.

▼At all other Lindt cafes in Omotesando, Kichijoji, Shibuya, Lumine Kitasenju and Nagoya Lachic, the drink will be available to take away for 772 yen ($6.57)


They’ll also be releasing these scrumptious looking sakura flavored macarons, which they call delices at Lindt:


The sakura delices contain cream filling made from white chocolate ganache, pureed cherry, sakura flavored syrup and again, a hint of salt, the combination of which should give the macaron a pleasantly Japanese twist. Of course, they’ve made sure to make the delice visually attractive as well, with a lovely sakura flower printed on the  surface of the shell. These delices will be available at the Ginza, Omotesando, Jiyugaoka, Kichijoji, Shibuya, Lumine Kitasenju and Nagoya Lachic cafes, for 302 yen ($2.57) a piece.

Well, as far as we can see, the special sakura drink and macaron look like an excellent way to anticipate the coming of spring. Both items will be released on February 20, and the Lindt White Chocolate Sakura Iced Drink is scheduled to be sold until April 14, while the sakura del ices will be available until April 30. So, now you know where you’ll be able to get some seasonal sweetness if you’re going to be in Japan this spring. And here’s a heartfelt thank you to the folks at Lindt for giving us something to look forward to while we wait for the cold to pass!

Source and photos: Lindt & Sprungli Japan press release from @Press News (Japanese)