How to make Starbucks Japan’s American Cherry Pie Frappuccino even better

When in doubt, the answer is always “more pie“.

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We try Starbucks Japan’s new American Cherry Pie Frappuccino

For the first time ever, the Frappuccino now comes with a domed pie crust lid, and it’s one of many reasons we’re in love with this new release.

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Lindt Japan brings spring to their shops with beautiful pink sakura drinks and macarons!

We may be in the middle of a cold winter in Japan, with Tokyo even seeing some light snow last Friday, but things are definitely starting to look bright and spring-like at Lindt stores here! Yes, early spring for us is the time for cherry blossoms, or sakura, and while spring hasn’t quite yet arrived, international chocolate maker Lindt has announced two new sakura-themed items to be sold at their cafes here in Japan. And as you might well expect,  the sakura treats look pink, sweet and utterly gorgeous!

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