Swiss chocolatier’s take on the cherry blossoms includes a new macaron that captures the scent of spring. 

While Starbucks tends to steal the limelight with its limited-edition sakura drinks every spring, it’s not the only chain to celebrate the cherry blossom season with pink-hued beverages.

Swiss chocolatier Lindt is one such chain that’s hopped on the sakura train in Japan, releasing not just drinks but special macarons to celebrate the opening of the blossoms. 

This year, Lindt is pairing sakura with pistachios for its seasonal release, with a dessert beverage called the “Sakura Kaoru Pistachio Chocolat Drink“.

▼ “Kaoru” (“香る”) means “fragrant”

This beautiful-looking drink contains a paste made with high-quality pistachios from Sicily, Italy, which are said to pair well with Lindt white chocolate, which makes up the main body of the drink. In addition, pistachio cream and cherry blossom sauce are used to amp up the taste and look of the drink, giving it an enticing spring colour that reflects the fresh new leaves and blossoms.

The sakura espuma on top has a subtle cherry blossom fragrance and a slight sweet-and sour flavour profile to contrast with the chopped pistachio topping and the rich white chocolate cherry blossom piece, which acts as a visual centrepiece.

The drink will be joined by an equally stunning Délice, which is the name Lindt gives to its macarons. This sweet is said to be the perfect marriage between sakura and pistachio, with a pistachio ganache, also made with pistachio paste from Sicily, and a strawberry-based cherry blossom compote sandwiched between a pink and green shell.

Both the limited-edition drink and sweet are said to impart a gentle aroma of cherry blossoms for a delightful taste of spring. The drink is priced at 780 yen (US$5.98) while the Délice is 340 yen, and they’ll be on the menu at Lindt boutiques and cafes nationwide from 16 February to 9 April, or until stocks last.

Source, images: PR Times
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