There’s more to this fukubukuro than just Lindor balls.

Swiss chocolate brand Lindt is popular in Japan for its high-end chocolates, especially the creamy Lindor balls which come in a wide variety of flavours, including matcha and sakura.

So when we saw Lindt was selling a special lucky bag for New Year’s, we immediately jumped at the chance to buy it. Lucky bags, or “fukubukuro” in Japanese, are filled with goods worth more than what you pay for, so we were looking forward to getting a bargain on a bundle of pricey Lindt chocolates.

▼ The bags were distributed between 30 December and 3 January, only to customers who’d reserved and paid for them from 18 November.

We’d reserved a 5,480-yen (US$41.49) bag and requested it be delivered at the start of the New Year.

The contents were securely packed inside, and reaching beneath the bubble wrap, we pulled out…

▼…a Lindt-branded tote bag!

▼ Peering inside revealed there was more than just Lindor balls in our bundle.

▼ In fact, it contained five different products!

▼ Let’s take a look at each product below, starting with the Lindor balls.

There were a total of 49 in the bag — 30 milk, eight matcha, four orange, two white chocolate, and five raspberry and cream. With Lindor priced at 100 yen per piece online, this was 4,900 yen worth of value, which was almost the cost of the lucky bag. 

Next up, we have a bag of Swiss Premium Minis, containing six different flavours.

The breakdown was as follows: 14 Swiss chocolate milk, nine chocolate milk with hazelnuts, four Lindor milk, five Cresta milk, five dark chocolate with 49 perecent cocoa, and three Cresta white.

▼ 40 in total, valued at 2,250 yen

▼ Next up is a pack of four Lindor Milk Sticks, valued at roughly 608 yen.

▼ And then we have a couple of Lindt Excellence bars, in Coconut and 70 percent Cocoa varieties, valued at 625 yen each.

All in all, the total value of the bag was around the 9,008-yen mark, making our 5,480 yen purchase well worth the investment.

In terms of calories, however, the entire haul came to a total of 6,875.5 kilocalories. Assuming that the daily calorie requirement for an adult woman is 1,750 kilocalories, this lucky bag equates to about four days’ worth of calories. That’s something nobody should consume in one sitting, so we’ll be spreading out our Lindt chocolate consumption throughout the year — we still have an entire treasure chest of candy to get through, after all!

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