The cherry trees haven’t blossomed yet, but it’s definitely sakura season at Mister Donut here in Japan.  

The folks at Mister Donut always seem ready to tempt us in devilishly creative ways, including fun character collaborations and tantalizing seasonal flavors (not that we’re complaining), and this spring season is no exception. They’ve just come out with their line of “Blooming Sakura Doughnuts“, and well, what’s not to like about a sakura-and-doughnut combination, right?

Here’s a look at the products they have lined up in anticipation of the sakura season:

● Sakura Chewy Doughnut: Sakura Flavor (120 yen, US$1.15)

This is un upgraded version of a similar doughnut they had last year and features a chewy, sakura-mochi flavored doughnut coated with a colorful pink glaze, created in the image of a sakura flower.

● Sakura Chewy Doughnut: Kinako Flavor (120 yen)

This sakura-mochi flavored doughnut is glazed on the bottom and sprinkled with a combination of sugar and kinako soybean powder on the top.

● Sakura Chewy Doughnut: Adzuki Flavor (120 yen)

This sakura-mochi flavored doughnut has sweet red bean (adzuki) paste sandwiched in the middle and is coated on top with white chocolate.

● Sakura French Cruller: Sakura Flavor (120 yen)

The popular French Cruller doughnut is reinvented here with a sakura powder-infused dough and coated with a sakura-flavored glaze.

● Sakura French Cruller: Sakura Gelée and Whipped Cream (150 yen)

This Sakura French Cruller doughnut is created with a honey-infused sakura flavored gelée and whipped cream in the middle and topped with a strawberry chocolate coating and raspberry sprinkles.

● Sakura French Cruller: Adzuki and Whipped Cream  (120 yen)

This is another Sakura French Cruller creation, with sweet red bean paste and whipped cream sandwiched in the middle and decorated with white and strawberry chocolate on the top.

● Sakura Doughnut Pops

Mister Donut also have four new flavors of small doughnut pops that you can buy individually (35 yen/piece) or as a pack of eight (250 yen), 16 (482 yen) or 24 (704 yen).

Certain to add a delightful bit of color and sweetness to any gathering, the little round doughnuts are now available in the following flavors:

  • Pon de Sakura Flavor Ball : Sakura-flavored glaze on a round Pon de Ring doughnut
  • Old Fashioned Ball Sakura Flavor: Round Old Fashioned doughnut coated with sakura-flavored glaze
  • Strawberry Chocolate Ball: Round chocolate doughnut coated with strawberry chocolate topped with raspberry sprinkles
  • Kinako Angel Cream Ball: Fluffy doughnut ball filled with whipped cream and coated with a sugar and kinako soybean powder mix

Yes, that’s a lot of pink food in the line-up, but hey, Japan always goes sakura crazy every year, and we always love every bit of it!

The Blooming Sakura Doughnut items are available at Mister Donut stores across Japan until early April, so if you want an early taste of spring, now’s the time to stop by at a “Misdo”.

Source, images: PR Times 
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