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If you look at most cosplay galleries online, you would think that the hobby is dominated by females. You wouldn’t be wrong, but that doesn’t mean that the male cosplayers should be ignored. Last weekend at Makuhari Messe, costumers of all genders gathered at Winter Wonder Festival 2015. RocketNews24 has already brought you the female cosplayers, but here are the friggin’ cool guys who were also there to strut their stuff.

While proud costumers will spend time in the photo area posing for all the cameras, you will often find male cosplayers walking around taking photos themselves and generally enjoying the festival. They are there to show off their costumes, but they also want to see what the event has to offer.

The view is better from up here!

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We found some really impressive costumes this year that truly suited the cosplayer, from anime and manga, to TV and movies, these dudes didn’t disappoint!

Kamen Rider No.2

male cosplay 2

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure’s Silver Chariot

male cosplay 3

Captain America x 3, a couple of WWII outfits and a Winter Soldier look

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male cosplay 5

Iron Man Mark 7

male cosplay 6

Porco Rosso

male cosplay 7

Kan Colle

male cosplay 8


male cosplay 9


male cosplay 10

SEKAI NO OWARI. Luckily the clown wasn’t around. 

male cosplay 11

Amiba from Fist of the North Star

male cosplay 12

Trafalgar Law from One Piece

male cosplay 13

Two Mario brothers and a Wario. I guess the year of Luigi is over.

male cosplay 14

Cannonball from Kinnikkuman

male cosplay 15

Golden Warrior Gold Lightan

male cosplay 16

Monster Hunter, hunter of monsters

male cosplay 17

Kinnikuman, the ultimate muscle.

male cosplay 18

Japanese Pro Wrestler Jushin Thunder Liger

male cosplay 1

Comparing this gallery to the ladies, there is definitely a different sort of “wow” factor, but it’s all pretty darn impressive. You can’t help but want to see more of their work. Wondering when the next Wonder Festival is? Luckily there is one in August. Plenty of time to get your costumes ready!

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