By now we’re all well aware that guys can make cute girls, but can a girl make a badass guy?

The answer is, of course, yes! And we’ve got the pics to prove it.

We first became aware of this American cosplayer when we saw these stunning images of Lightning. Final Fantasy XIII’s pink-haired protagonist. You may also remember lightning from her new job as Louis Vuitton’s latest spokesmodel, but perhaps the fashion label could have put all the money that went into its ad’s computer graphics into hiring this cosplayer, who’s basically Lightning come to life, instead.

▼ No handbags here – this is Lightning in Dark Knight garb.

The talented cosplayer in question is Alyson Tabbitha, who not only creates stunningly detailed costumes, but also changes her face with incredible makeup skills. Lightning is just one of the most recent in a long line of high-quality creations she’s shown off via her Facebook and Instagram pages.

▼ Makeup is an integral part of cosplay, especially when closeups are involved.

While it’s common to see cosplays of cute girls that turn out to be guys, it’s rarer to see the roles reversed, but there are definitely women out there doing it. Alyson is not afraid to cosplay a character regardless of gender, and in her photos she transforms completely into each persona, whether male or female, capturing their poses and expressions perfectly.

▼ If you thought her Lightning was good, check out her Vincent!

▼ Why is the rum always gone?

▼ Before and after.

Alyson’s creations are a wonderful addition to the cosplay community, and can serve as an inspiration to anyone, regardless of gender.

Source: Alyson Tabbitha Official Facebook, h/t
Images: Alyson Tabbitha on Instagram