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Relax, no tiny people were dismembered in the making of this article.

As Japan’s premiere model and figure exhibition, you can find all sorts of creative wares on display at Wonder Festival. Some of them might be cool, some might be sexy, and still others might be funny.

And then, there are those that are just terrifying.

Bihou, based in Tokyo’s Nerima ward, is primarily a provider of backgrounds and CG effects for animation projects, and has previously contributed to anime hits such as Evangelion and Kuroko’s Basketball. The company was among the presenters at the recent Winter Wonder Festival, where its booth included this Umbrella SWAT team member from the world of Resident Evil.

That’s not a cosplayer, though, but a costumed mannequin wearing a mask made with Bihou’s 3-D scanning and printing techniques.

▼ Real person on the left, freakishly realistic mask on the right

Bihou has gotten frighteningly good at 3-D printing, in the literal sense that displays of its non-assembled components instill a sense of overwhelming fear.

As a matter of fact, Bihou’s Wonder Festival Booth almost looks like the twisted trophy room of a serial killer with a very particular taste for preying on undersized victims.

Disturbing or not, there’s no denying that Bihou has done some fine work here. Considering the company’s ties to the animation industry, it’s assumed that eventually Bihou’s technicians and artists will be putting their skills to use for projects such as making figures of anime characters, which sounds like a much more lucrative endeavor than the nightmare-provision going on here.

Source: Cupo
Top image: Facebook/3D printer face (株)美峰 Japanese animation company Bihou