Have some creative, sweet fun with these “make-it-yourself” Disney-themed chocolate snacks!

Bandai may be a well-known toy manufacturer in Japan, but their “Candy Operation” Department has apparently been brewing up some chocolaty sweetness. They’ve recently released a new addition to their line of “create-your-own snack” (tsukuru oyatsu) items — the “Create Your Own Snack Disney Patissier: Let’s Make Chocolate“. That’s right, you can now make chocolate in the shape of Mickey and Minnie Mouse!


The product, designed to provide an easy, snack-making experience young children can enjoy, comes in a cute package that includes chocolate chips, decorative sugar mints, biscuit pieces and a tray for molding the chocolate.

▼ You get one of three possible tray designs in the package. The tray includes shapes of not just Mickey and Minnie, but of other decorative pieces as well which you can combine with Mickey and Minnie for some creative and edible fun!



▼ Here are some examples of chocolates made using the kit, and we have to say, they look pretty awesome. Yup, it’s a way to show off your artistic side while satisfying your sweet tooth!





▼ They even have a video showing step by step instructions on how to make the chocolates using the kit.

Okay, so the Create Your Own Snack series is supposed to be a product line for children to get them to be creative and imaginative while having fun with a medium that they can also eat in the end, but it definitely looks like adults should be able to have fun with it as well. The snack is currently on sale at supermarkets and convenience stores across Japan for 280 yen (US$2.50) a package, so if you’re visiting Japan this winter, it should certainly make for an enjoyable and affordable souvenir, especially for chocolate or Disney lovers!

Reference: Bandai Tsukuru Oyatsu website 
Source, images: @Press press release (C) Disney