Any guy who’s watched a harem anime before – one where a single male is surrounded by many women – has probably giggled to himself about what it would be like to be in a similar situation himself. Would it be nonstop abuse like in Love Hina? Would there be crazy love-triangles like in Tenchi Muyo?

Well one boy gets to find out for real! A former women’s high school in Yamagata Prefecture recently opened its doors to non-female students, and this month at the start of the new school year welcomed its first male student for the first time in its 118 year existence.

The high school in question is Tsuruoka-kita High School in Yamagata Prefecture. Out of the 160 students starting there as freshmen this month (due to the Japanese school year starting in April), 159 of them are girls. One of them is a boy.

▼ The first day probably looked something like this.

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Technically the school has been open to boys for the past two years. In 2013 it underwent renovations to have male restrooms and changing areas installed, in order to accommodate male students. However, this year marks the first time any boys have actually entered the school as an official student. And by boys we mean one boy.

Since most high schools in Japan have entrance exams, it is possible that more boys tried to get into the school but simply failed the test. Whether or not the boy himself is glad that he did so well or terrified at the prospect of being the only male student in school is still up in the air. Reports of him walking into the opening ceremony as the only student in male uniform among a sea of sailor suits causing an eruption of applause and cheering show early promise though.

As expected, Japanese netizens had some things to say about all this:

“I think I’ve read this story in a manga before.”
“The harem fantasy is so good, but the reality is probably horrific.”
“So that means he’s stuck as the only guy in his whole class for the next three years (Japanese high school is three years long). Good luck, kid!”
“What bravery! I wonder if he’ll last all the way to graduation.”
“Is this a game anyone can join? If so I’m going to Yamagata right now!”

Only time will tell if this turns out to be a dream or nightmare come true for the harem high school boy. Chances are he will set a precedent for others to follow and it will all be fine, but let’s just hope that in the meantime he doesn’t accidentally stumble into the women’s hot spring, fall and land face-first in someone’s bosom, and then get comically punched out of a window. That might cause a nosebleed.

Source: Mainichi Shimbun via Itai News
Featured/top image: zerochan