It’s sure to become one his fondest childhood memories.

When you’re still a pre-pubescent teen, it seems like your youth will last forever, but the truth is it’s really only a brief, precious period in your life. So it’s important to make the most of it, and do all the things you won’t be able to do when you grow up. Splash in puddles! Play on the swings! Start a schoolgirl prostitution scam operation!

OK, that last one might not fall into the same category of innocent, child-like whimsy as the others, but a recent incident in Osaka highlights how it’s also something that you can only do when you’re still very young, at least if you’re using a certain modus operandi. The Osaka Prefectural Police announced that they have arrested six junior high school boys on charges of assault and theft, in relation to an attack that took place in a park in Osaka City’s Ikuno Ward before dawn on October 6.

As a prank, the group of boys created a profile for an online dating app, pretending to be a high school girl. Since the app allows for voice chat between users, to deepen the ruse one of the boys, who’s in his second year of middle school (and thus 12 or 13 years old), did the speaking duties, since puberty hasn’t caused his voice to change yet, and he could still approximate the high pitch of a schoolgirl.

Using the app, the group managed to lure a 20-year-old male college student to the park, offering to have sex with him in exchange for money. However, when he arrived the group of boys (minus the one who’d been playing the role of the schoolgirl in their voice chats), assaulted the man, kicking and otherwise pounding on him and breaking his nose before stealing the 900 yen (US$8.30) in cash he’d had on him.

It’s unclear whether the man reported the incident or not (“So I was going to the park to pay some schoolgirl less than the price of two Frappuccinos to let me hump her, but then a bunch of junior high kids smacked me around” is a pretty awkward, as well as self-incriminating, way to start a conversation with the cops, after all). However, on October 9 four of the boys once again were lying in wait to ambush another target they’d found via the dating app. However, when their mark didn’t show, the boys decided to cut their losses and just beat up some random 55-year-old man who happened to be in the park at that time.

▼ When life hands you lemons…beat the crap out of them?

The subsequent investigation of that assault led to the police tracking one of the boys down, who then spilled the beans on their previous bout of recreational violence. During questioning about the October 6 attack, the boys told the police “It was fun making fun of him and beating him up.”

As with the Tokyo man who was recently targeted by a fake schoolgirl extortion scheme, this is a story where no one involved is a good person, and along with the dirty-underwear-wrap con that also just took place in Japan, yet another reason to avoid skeevy offers you find online.

Source: Mainichi Shimbun via Jin
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