What are some of the most important years in your own, personal gaming career? For me, the most important was probably 1992, when I got a Sega Mega Drive (Genesis) for Christmas and played my first-ever videogame (it was Sonic 2). Oh, but 1996 was a great year, too, because Resident Evil came out and I got my first, unforgettable taste of digitized fear and found out that I have a deep love of zombies.

While we all probably have certain years that are notable for the particular gaming memories they hold, it’s undeniable that video games in general have made certain leaps and bounds in the last couple of decades, and some years in particular have had slightly more leaps and a few extra bounds compared to others. Just check out this video of the Top 10 Years in Gaming History to see what we mean…

Watchmojo.com put together the following video, which lists the major software and hardware accomplishments in video games from 1980 right up to the present day. From arcade games to the rise (and occasional fall) of certain consoles, franchises, and companies, this video is basically a handy summary of the history of video games.

Did any of your favourite games pop up on the list? What’s your favourite year for video games?

Source: WatchMojo.com via Kotaku JP
Featured image: YouTube – WatchMojo.com
Top image: © Evie Lund/RocketNews24